domingo, 1 de abril de 2018

Why? I was not prepared for this.

Why? I was not prepared for this.
History with mavic pro platium

I've been following Dji since the launch of the 1st phantom, so soon I started dreaming about being able to fly with a drone, and capturing fantastic images. I'm not a wealthy type until on the contrary, at the end of a good years appeared the opportunity to acquire one, and after much research and analysis the choice was by Mavic Pro Platinum.
The opportunity presented itself, a good price campaign, and I did not hesitate.

I had finally acquired my dream. I joined many hours of research, plus others to be well prepared for when I arrived, I saw videos on YouTube, reviews, unboxing, first flights, malfunctions, how to update firmeware, including videos of malfunctions and disasters.

The date of this story had only 4 exits the bad weather had not let me fly.
The care was very, it was early had gone out with a friend to shoot and do some filming.

The first situation was to have lost image, I was blind, it was only 200mts high and 400mts away, there was no reason to happen, Mavic's specifications say it can go 7km, panic settled on me, the hands were paralyzed at the command for a few minutes, it seemed like hours, in those brief minutes I saw the drone drop and break, I saw the drone fall into the river, I saw the drone in a house, on top of a car ... Suddenly the ice on me starts to melt, I looked at the command and had the indication that I was connected to the Mavic the altitude was steady, it reminded me of having seen someone calling the button back home the panic button ... I loaded the button and waited looking up at the sky in search of my companion, it was not long before appearing, a little deviated from the place but was fine, I again press the button to interrupt the order and brought it to me.
I sat on the floor to try to figure out what had happened, put the Mavic in my backpack and went to have my friend.

I calmly took the Mavic out of the backpack, this time I raised it and made low flights to see if it answered well, it was in a creek 1.5 meters high and I started to configure the camera to do some photos, this, speed , but always looking at my mate (mavic) he was 6mts away, when he suddenly gives a somersault and falls into the water, I dropped the command and ran to get him out of the water, HOW POSSIBLE ... the water was still on, quickly turned off the battery and removed it from the mavic, I did not want to believe what had happened, I still am incredulous, how is it possible this is not a toy for 30 €. Dji did not test the equipment, did the quality tests do this?

The date of these my words the mavic is inside a bag, covered in rice, at 24h had seen youtube video of someone doing the same to absorb all the moisture, did not sleep all night, I will resist having the equipment so for 3 days.

I spent all my savings to buy this little wonder and without being my mistake, my dream falls in seconds without knowing why, if this does not solve, I will not be able to arrange or buy another.

How did this happen to me? Why me? I did not do anything to make it happen to me.